Boudoir by ANP - Annie Nguyen

Boudoir Photographer

Annie Nguyen


About me:
“My name is Annie Nguyen and I am a Bay Area based boudoir photographer. With my past experience in capturing memories in the wedding industry, portrait photography, and several other niches; I have found my true passion and interest through women empowerment in boudoir photography

Why I shoot boudoir:
“In this day and age, people tend to compare themselves to what is reflected on social media and losing their identity through everyday life. Doing boudoir photography enables me the chance to provide more than just words of encouragement but rather bringing tears of joy and excitement when my clients get to see their beautiful images. I get the chance to not only capture, but show women how truly remarkable their beauty, strength, and worth are.”

Why wait any longer? Own your self-confidence
Boudoir is an amazing experience where you have the ability to self-express. There are no boundaries when it comes to boudoir. Show off your personality to portray your fun, exciting, sexy, romantic, or anything that you’re not able to put into words. You’ve already come this far, now it’s time to take a leap, you are worth it and deserve this lifetime experience. Time to stop hiding your beauty that is tucked away underneath the surface.

“I cannot wait to hear from you!”


Y Nguyen


Y strongly believes in practicing beauty that is personalized and mindful in order to be a part of a transformation that explores both the external and internal self. When away from the studio, Y spends her time working on other makeup projects and working out for the purpose of enjoying new foods. Don’t even get her started on KBBQ and cheese!

Boudoir by ANP - Y Nguyen